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Top 5 customer experience practices

better customer experience

Top 5 customer experience practices

The growth of a business mostly revolves around building a great customer experience strategy. You probably remember the time when poor customer service made it impossible for you to exchange a product. How many times have you been frustrated with rude and ignorant staff behaviour? These apparently minor issues can crumble the foundation of any growing business. An efficient service leaves a positive impact on the customers and will make them revisit your brand several times. But before providing services, you need to understand what customer experience aims at and how it works.

What customer experience basically means?

Customer experience is the overall opinion customers generate after availing the holistic buying services of your company. This includes Exploring, Choosing, Buying, Returning and Exchanging products.

If these steps are not carried out smoothly, there is a high chance of losing customers. With multiple brands popping up every day, the expectations of customers have soared really high. This is because they can choose from several companies and opt for the one they feel serves best. You need to build a foolproof product and come up with excellent customer experience management. Now that you know what customer experience means, let’s get to the main point. What are the best practices to improve customer experience and how to achieve them? Well, we are here for the answer.

Scroll down to look at the 5 best customer experience practices.

1) Finding out the exact requirements of your customers

Once you start your business, make sure to know the demands of the customers from your product. To get a good idea, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why would customers want to buy your product?
  • How is your product better than those in the market?
  • How are you going to handle the sales?

If you can develop the basic framework of your business, you can then pinpoint your audience type and then work on building the satisfaction strategies for them.

Another useful strategy to understand your customers is to ask short questions and opinions. You can ask your customers-

  • what improvements they would want?
  •  suggest products according to their needs.

This will not only engage the customer but also help in improving your business.

2)Integrating AI in customer experience

Let’s admit it. Artificial Intelligence(AI) can help to grow your business exponentially. Plan the methods you wish to implement and integrate them in an AI system. Machine learning can help run the ‘Customer Service’ much more effectively by-

  • Creating personalized messages and
  • Handling orders, returns and refunds.

AI will help you to achieve what human labor cannot acquire in months.Once you involve AI for better customer experience, you can focus more on your product and come up with better ideas to generate and promote new products. However, to implement AI, you need to have a clear strategy in your mind. First, know what customers want and then customize the AI to appropriately deal with those problems. It will make things much easier.

3)Provide multiple options

Provide numerous choices. The human brain loves to skim through different options to find out the most desirable plan. Do you know the best part? Creating multiple options is quite easy. To begin with, you can provide different lucrative offers on your products. Next, you can monitor how your customers can reach you. It might be via email, messenger or Whatsapp. Having multiple communication options makes it convenient for the customers to interact. If you want to drive a substantial amount of profit, come up with various package deals for different prices. Providing options to customers makes them feel valued. To secure long term customers, you would need to include variety in your business.

4)Take customer feedback seriously

Many businesses have a misconception about their brands being perfect. What they don’t realize is several better brands emerge every month. It is crucial for a business to ask and take customer feedback very seriously. Customers provide constructive criticism and some amazing advice to improve your business. Who is the main focus of customer experience? Obviously, the CUSTOMERS. So, it is they who should be valued first. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to analyze every feedback and review. Just figure out the common issues which the majority of your customers face and then work on fixing it. Better consumer engagement will provide you a greater leverage over your competitors.

5)Hire a great working team

As much as customers are important, your business wouldn’t exist without your team. Hence, choose only the best individuals while forming your team.

That being said, it’s also important to respect and provide your team members with the right benefits. Dissatisfied employees are bound to remain unmotivated and sceptical about the progress of your business. Once you start treating your members well, they will give their best and devote extra hours willingly.


Customer experience requires a holistic approach that requires dedication and a clear understanding. Implementing the 5 best customer experience practices will benefit your business and reap new customers. An essential aspect of business is to treat customers like your family members. A good customer experience strategy will always aim to make their business strategy simpler for their buyers. Using different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can help you in working on your strategies. Good luck!