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Three Effective Ways to Collect Candidate Experience Feedback

Today, Honest Employee feedback is very important for any smart company. Even though, it may be tricky to do at the times just like the fear of receiving a warning by the management, or think that their advice will not be heard. In this blog, we are going to share three effective ways to collect candidate experience feedback, and how to deal with these barriers.

Your employees are the most valuable assets for you, therefore it makes natural sense that their feedback is very important for any manager to know exactly, and learn from. These three methods are very important, which will assist you along the way to collect important feedback from your team and enhance the overall culture and welfare of your company.

1-Regular employee performance reviews-

Doing conversion with employees is an excellent way to collect employee feedback on engagement, and satisfaction, however, there may be some disadvantages.  If reviews are measured too far and some, employees might experience like their input is not valued accurately, or may not talk about months old problems.

This is very important to create an environment for open honesty where they can discuss things without the panic of being warned. Employee reviews may be a cause of worry about a few people, hence make sure that focus is on a common objective and creating language feedback can assist it and take out useful information in the procedure.

2-Team meetings-

Even though one-on-one meetings are very compulsory, you can collect employee feedback from preserving daily team meetings. Often, it is very easy to share and provide input in a group setting. By organizing team meetings, you can give valuable feedback to encourage employees to speak out, when they experience that they have the full support of their fellow colleagues. Regular stand-up meetings may have big profits depending on their structure and how they are actually performed.

3-Suggestion box-

The suggestion box is the right new way of receiving honest feedback of employee. The secrecy of a suggestion box can offer a big source to collect employee feedback. It allows your employees to know that their suggestions are welcome external of their other reserved feedback collection ways. You should check it on a regular basis and address any problems posted otherwise it will be nothing than collect dust from the box, and your employees will be cheated.

Regular Employee Surveys-

Employee feedback surveys are the most effective methods of receiving feedback from your employees. Here are some important factors to collect quality feedback.

  1. Are you satisfied with the organization? This question has the potential to know about the employee.
  2. Addressing particular topics with the targeted questions is an excellent way to remind deep thought on a topic and provides more potential for an honest reply.
  3. The frequency of employee surveys is a key factor in collecting quality feedback.
  4. Getting a suitable balance between survey length and frequency can make complete task and assist to improve the quality of the feedback.